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The Importance Of Wearing Quality Contact Lenses

You can change your hair color, but did you know that you can also change your eye color? Colored contact lenses allow you to choose almost any eye color you want, but it is important to choose only safe and healthy colored contact lenses prescribed by your eye doctor.

As you will see in this video, cosmetic contact lenses can be dangerous if they are not prescribed by an eye doctor. You may find cosmetic contact lenses at beauty salons or even grocery stores, but wearing these non-prescription lenses can damage your eyes and even result in permanent vision loss. It is also illegal for any business to sell contact lenses without a prescription. Dr. Lucy can help you learn about safe contact lenses and whether or not you should wear them.

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  1. Lenses that are not properly cleaned and disinfected increase the risk of eye infection. Any lens that is removed from the eye needs to be cleaned and disinfected before it is reinserted. Contact lenses are among the safest forms of vision correction when you follow the proper care and wearing instructions provided by your eye doctor.
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