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The Safety Of Orthokeratology


About 30 percent of Americans are diagnosed with myopia, which is also known as nearsightedness. Instead of using glasses or contacts to correct this refractive error, many optometrists are choosing orthokeratology . In this process, a patient wears custom-made gas-permeable contact lenses on at night to actually change the shape of the cornea and correct the vision issues. If a patient wears the special contact lenses at night, he or she should have almost perfect vision for the next day or two.

The Best Candidates

Doctors have been using orthokeratology for the last decade and have found that it is a safe procedure with no lasting negative effects. The best candidates for this procedure have been diagnosed with either mild or moderate myopia. If you do not want to wear the gas-permeable contacts every night, you should be prepared to use your regular glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision. As long as you wear the orthokeratology lenses, though, you should be able to go without your glasses during the day.

The Right Fit

If you want to try orthokeratology for your myopia, you should go to a qualified optometrist who can fit you with your custom lenses. The eye doctor will measure the curvature of your cornea with a special machine called a corneal topographer. This procedure is painless and allows the doctor to set you up with a custom pair of lenses. When you visit a qualified professional for your lenses, orthokeratology is a completely safe and effective way to deal with your nearsightedness.

The Power to Reverse It

A lot of patients feel comfortable with orthokeratology because it is completely reversible. If at any time they do not want to continue with it, they can simply stop wearing the gas-permeable lenses.

If you have myopia and want to break away from wearing glasses and contact lenses during the day, orthokeratology could be a good solution for you. Schedule an appointment for an eye exam with Dr. Lucy of Eye Luv Lucy to see if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

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