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The Purpose Of Measuring Eye Muscle Movement


During an eye exam, your optometrist might ask you to keep your head still and allow your eyes to track an object from the center of your vision to the periphery. This test measures your eye muscle movement and allows the eye doctor to determine the following:

The way you move the muscles in your eyes shows the doctor if there is any weakness or different defect in the extraocular muscles that control eye movement. When you make an appointment with Dr. Lucy, she will ask you to move your eyes in six different directions to get the best impression of your eye muscle movement. She is searching for signs of nystagmus, which occurs when the eyes wobble or shake, strabismus, which turns one or both eyes in or out, or mechanical restrictions that might need further attention.

Dr. Lucy offers a comprehensive look at all parts of your eye each time she performs an eye exam. Make an appointment today!

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