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How Orthokeratology Can Help With Myopia

How-Orthokeratology-Can-Help-with-Myopia[1]Myopia is a refractive error that occurs when they eyeball is too long or the cornea is too curved. This condition, which is also called nearsightedness, makes it difficult for a person to see objects that are far away.

With this treatment, the eye doctor fits you with a special pair of gas-permeable contact lenses. You should wear these lenses while you sleep so they have a chance to gradually reshape your cornea. In the morning, you can remove the contacts and enjoy near perfect vision without the help of corrective lenses.

In order to get the best results from your orthokeratology treatment, you should wear the contacts every night while you sleep. Since this is a non-surgical treatment, there is very little risk. You can stop wearing the contacts at any time. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lucy to find out how  orthokeratology might help you.

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