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Vision changes are a natural part of the aging process. Although some of these changes are gradual and hard to notice, they could have a huge impact on your ability to drive. Keep reading to find out how regular eye exams can help you and those around you stay safe when you get behind the wheel.

Difficulty Seeing Far Away
A lot of older drivers experience blurred or cloudy vision that might make it more difficult to see far away objects while they drive. If you are experience this vision change, it could significantly hinder your reaction time behind the wheel because it makes it much harder to see potential hazards that are far up on the road.

Difficulty Seeing at Night
Another danger of driving with vision changes is a difficulty seeing at night. Sometimes headlights or low light bother people who are experiencing vision changes. If you are driving and the headlights from an oncoming car disrupt your vision, you might cause a collision.

Difficulty Seeing Road Signs
Changes in the way you perceive colors could also lead to dangerous situations behind the wheel. If you cannot differentiate between different road signs due to colors or distances, you might not know about an upcoming hazard that could lead to an accident.

Difficulty Distinguishing Objects
A lot of people also have trouble distinguishing objects once their vision starts to change, especially when driving at night. It might be hard to see a sign or a person against a particular background. Vision issues like these might hinder your reaction time enough to lead to a serious incident.

It is important to schedule regular eye exams with Dr. Lucy at Eye Luv Lucy so you are aware of any vision changes as soon as they happen. She might prescribe glasses or contact lenses to improve your vision or suggest another treatment. If your vision is changing, you should also try to minimize driving at night or in unfamiliar areas to reduce your risk for an accident.

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