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Understanding The Importance Of Eye Exams


A routine eye exam does much more than show the optometrist your current prescription for glasses or contact lenses. Even if you feel like you have perfect vision, it is important to visit the optometrist at least once every two years. Keep reading to find out why it is so important to regularly visit the eye doctor.

They Help You Improve Your Vision

Sometimes refractive errors are so slight that you might not notice you are experiencing vision problems. Regular eye exams allow the doctor to look at your eyes and spot any vision issues. Whether you have refractive errors, amblyopia, strabismus, or eye focusing problems, the eye exam can shoe the doctor a lot of important information about your eyes. Once the doctor knows what is wrong, he or she can find the best way to correct it and improve your vision. If you want to see as well as you can see, you have to go in for regular eye exams and work closely with your optometrist.

They Monitor Your Eye Development with Top Technology

Today, eye doctors can use technology like digital exams to take a detailed picture of the eye and make sure everything looks the way it should. It is important to start going to the eye doctor from a young age so he or she can monitor the development of the eye. Visiting the eye doctor regularly allows you to get early treatment if there are any problems with the shape of your cornea or other parts of the eye before they have a big effect on your vision.

Other Problems
Certain medical conditions create side effects in the eyes. When you visit your eye doctor, he or she can look for signs of other issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol. Schedule an eye exam today with Dr. Lucy to check on the condition of your eye and your overall health.

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