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Fact About Myopia And Orthokeratology


If you want to find the best solutions for your eye issues, it is important to understand different conditions and how they can affect you. Keep reading to learn more about the refractive error called myopia and orthokeratology and what they mean for your vision.


Myopia is a common condition that causes far away objects to look blurry. Also known as nearsightedness, myopia is a condition that occurs when the eyeball is too long and prevents light from properly hitting the retina. It might also happen if the cornea or the lens is misshapen. Glasses and contacts correct vision because they ensure that light hits the retina in the correct way.

Myopia and Vision
People who have myopia have trouble seeing objects in the distance without the help of corrective lenses like glasses or contacts. Some people have mild forms of myopia that do not affect the vision too much, while other people cannot see anything unless they are wearing glasses or contact lenses. About 25 percent of Americans have some form of myopia .


Orthokeratology provides a non-surgical way to fix refractive errors and improve vision. If you choose to do this procedure, your eye doctor will fit you with custom-made porous contact lenses that you wear during the night while you sleep. In these few short hours, the contact lenses reshape your cornea to get rid of your refractive errors during the day. You should wear these special contacts every two to three nights to get continued results.

Orthokeratology and Vision

If you are thinking about getting orthokeratology near San Jose, you should find a quality vision center that helps you get the best results. This non-invasive treatment helps you reduce your dependence on glasses and contacts during the day. You can choose to stop your orthokeratology treatment at any time by removing the gas-permeable contact lenses. Talk to your eye doctor about your myopia and whether or not orthokeratology can help you.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lucy today about your myopia and whether or not orthokeratology can help you.

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