Back-to-School Glasses for Kids

Back-to-School Glasses for Kids

Back-to-School Glasses for Kids

Back-to-School Glasses for Kids

It's back-to-school season. You're probably hung up on the calendars, weighing your priorities for the new school year. As you tick off the boxes in your kid's supplies list, don't forget to add eyeglasses to the list. It's highly likely that their current pair has undergone some home repairs after an adventurous summer.

According to the American Optometric Association, 80 percent of what a child learns is through their eyes. That's why it's important to help them see clearly in class, and the best place to start is a new pair of glasses. Even if the school has already started, it's never too late to squeeze them in for an eye appointment.


Why You Should Get Your Kid's Eyes Checked Before Each School Year

As parents, we tend to ignore the need to take our kids for regular eye exams. Well, unless we see something out of the ordinary with their eyes, or they are exhibiting signs of vision strain.

During adolescence, your child's eyesight changes rapidly. Regular eye exams can unmask hidden vision problems and catch eye diseases early before it's too late to treat. If left uncorrected, vision problems can cause myriad problems, including:

  • Impaired child development.
  • Permanent vision loss.
  • Behavioral and attention issues.
  • Bad learning experiences in class.

This is why you should take your kid for eye checkups at least once a year. While some schools offer visual screenings, it's still important to book them in for a comprehensive eye exam just to make sure that you've uncovered all vision problems and eye diseases.


Buying Glasses for Your Kid

Once you've had your child's vision checked by a professional, it's time to get their new prescription glasses. However, buying kids' glasses isn't always black and white. You'll want to make sure that you're picking lenses and frames that will survive through all the sports, classes, and other activities in the new school year.

Below are some of the things you should consider when choosing eyeglasses for your little one:

  • Lens Material: Prescription is an important consideration in selecting your kid's glasses. So before you start picking out frames, it's important to consult with your eye doctor first about the lenses. Typically, glasses with polycarbonate lens material are more comfortable and offer more protection to the eyes. And unlike glass lenses, they don't break easily, making them a great choice for active kids or those who don't know how to take care of their glasses yet.
  • Frame Build: Kids' frames are made of either plastic or metal material. In the past, plastic frames were considered a better choice because they are durable and less likely to break. However, manufacturers have started making metal frames that have these features as well. The only difference is that metal frames vary in composition, and your kid could be sensitive to certain substances. Thus, it's good to seek an optician's advice on which one would be best for your child.
  • Your Child's Style: Most kids are happier and more willing to go to school when they are rocking the coolest eyeglasses in the school. As a parent, you usually know what's best for your kid, but you might be a bit rusty when it comes to what's new and trending. So you must let your kid choose what they want. Even if they gravitate towards styles and colors that you don't agree with, you should let them have their way with it.

Pick the Best Back-to-School Glasses

We are here to help your kid feel great about their vision this coming school year. Our opticians at Eye Luv Lucky are eyewear experts ready to help you make the best decision in choosing your kid's glasses. Book an appointment or visit our office in San Jose, California. Call us today (408) 294-9900.

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