What Are the Benefits of Orthokeratology?

What Are the Benefits of Orthokeratology?

What Are the Benefits of Orthokeratology?

What Are the Benefits of Orthokeratology?

Most people will admit that they often find it inconvenient to wear their lenses all day, every day. The lenses can be uncomfortable to wear and losing a lens at the wrong moment is a real problem. Replacing lost lenses and broken glasses is something that many parents have to contend with. Orthokeratology or ortho-k is a treatment that helps reduce the inconvenience associated with regular lenses.


Orthokeratology or corneal refractive therapy is a treatment for reducing myopia. The treatment involves the use of rigid gas-permeable lenses that are worn overnight. Patients wear the lenses as they sleep.


This means that the patient will not have to wear contacts or glasses throughout the day. Over time, the lenses reshape the cornea, helping lessen myopia and improving the vision. There are several benefits of getting orthokeratology.


Good Vision All Day


One of the greatest benefits of ortho-k is the ability to see well without corrective lenses. You can go through your daily activities without worrying about wearing contacts or glasses. Most patients who use the therapy report enjoying 20/20 vision.


You can work, drive, and perform your daily activities without wearing your regular corrective lenses, and the results last all day. If you live an active lifestyle, you do not have to worry about lenses falling out.


Correcting Multiple Problems


Ortho-k is mainly used for correcting myopia. It can help slow down or stop the progression of myopia. However, the therapy can also help treat mild presbyopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia.


You can talk to the optometrist to find out if ortho-k can help correct your specific condition. If you are tired of receiving a stronger prescription every time you visit the eye doctor, you can consider ortho-k. You can begin treatment immediately and enjoy the benefits of good vision.


Fast Treatment Option


Orthokeratology is a fast therapy option for treating vision issues. The quick results are one of the most attractive features of the therapy. Patients wear special contact lenses at night and, in the morning, they can see much better. Ortho-k treatment is fast and effective. Patients who have a strong prescription may require two or three weeks to experience the optimum results.


Comfortable Treatment Option


Ortho-k treatment is comfortable as you will not have to deal with lenses throughout the day. The rigid gas-permeable lenses might be uncomfortable in the beginning, but you soon get used to them. The fact that you wear them while you sleep means that you will not have to worry about discomfort. You can avoid the issue of dry eyes that is common with regular contacts.


Safe, Non-invasive Treatment


Orthokeratology is a safe and non-invasive option that does not have harmful side effects. With no known long-term risks, ortho-k is safe even for young children.  Many patients prefer ortho-k over surgery that permanently changes the cornea. Others use ortho-k as they try to make up their minds on whether to get LASIK.


Orthokeratology can help you get away from the concerns associated with wearing glasses or contacts. Ortho-k is a flexible treatment option that can help reduce the long-term effects and symptoms of myopia. The benefits are reason enough to consider getting orthokeratology.


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