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Telescopic & Bioptic Eyewear in San Jose

Low Vision? Look into the Distance and Enhance Your Life with Telescopic/Bioptic Eyewear

Senior Citizen with Low Vision in San JoseIf you have been diagnosed with a visual impairment that causes Low Vision, you probably use some type of reading magnifier. When it’s time to read the news, pay your bills, and focus in on tasks done up-close, these magnification devices are essential and incredibly helpful! However, gadgets to upgrade your near vision are not the only type of low vision assistance. Sharp distance vision is just as important to your independence and quality of life.

Upgrade Your Visual Skills

Telescopic lenses allow you to see distant views and faraway objects crisp and clear. How does this translate into daily life? You’ll be able to watch TV comfortably, travel and see the sites, appreciate a theater performance, or landscape your San Jose garden perfectly.

Additionally, many states allow people with visual impairments to get a driver’s license as long as they can drive safely with bioptics (eyewear fitted with telescopic lenses). Bioptic telescopic lenses will give the low vision driver a clear view of street signs, traffic lights, road hazards, and pedestrians.

Far-reaching Benefits of Clear Distance Vision

Constructed with modern technology and high-definition optics, current telescopic lenses also brighten the way you see the world.

The new and improved distance vision that you gain from wearing telescopic glasses will affect your social competence and confidence. Even with low vision, you’ll be able to make eye contact, read subtle body language and understand facial expressions from across the room. Living in a world where all your surroundings are blurred or fuzzy can lead to feelings of isolation and depression. Telescopic lenses will bring your world into bright focus.

Bioptic Lenses & Telescopic Systems

There are handheld versions of telescopic lenses, as well as types that are mounted in eyewear, called bioptic lenses. Bioptic lenses must be always be prescribed and custom-fit by a qualified eye doctor.

“I will listen to your needs and examine your eyes thoroughly to fit you with the ideal type and power of bioptic lenses for your individual condition,” says Dr. Lucy Yen, our Low Vision specialist in San Jose.

Some patients with low vision will require two telescopes – one mounted over each eye – while others will need only one telescope fit over the eye that has stronger vision. In addition to different lens powers, the field of view, size, and weight of telescopic bioptic lenses also varies from person to person. You’ll be pleased to know that nowadays, plenty of attractive, cosmetic eyewear designs are available for low vision assistance.

Bioptic Lenses are for All Ages and Types of Low Vision

Regarding the pros of using bioptics and low vision assistance – age and the specific origin of low vision do not matter.

Seniors with an eye disease, such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, macular holes, or optic atrophy, may find it a challenge to read store signs or recognize the faces of family and friends.Younger adults with congenital vision loss may also require low vision assistance to advance in their careers, have an active social life, and maintain independence. Kids who are born with a visual impairment, such as nystagmus, albinism, Stargardt’s disease, myopic degeneration, and optic nerve disorders can benefit greatly from telescopic lenses and bioptic lenses – to read the board in school, play sports and see a TV or computer screen clearly.

Low Vision Does Not Have to Limit Your Life. Dr. Lucy Yen and our whole San Jose team are experienced and knowledgeable about how you can see and live your life to its fullest, with the aid of telescopic lenses and bioptic lenses.

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