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Sports Vision in South San Jose

Sports Vision South San JoseAt Eye Luv Lucy, we understand that every small advantage can make a big difference when it comes to sports. That’s why we offer specialty sports vision exams at our South San Jose Eye Care clinic.

What is a Sports Vision Exam?

A sports vision exam is a comprehensive eye exam that concentrates specifically on the visual needs of successful athletes. These special sports-oriented eye exams will concentrate on visual skills important to sports performance, such as depth perception, peripheral visual field awareness and eye-hand coordination. On-field measuring of your reactions to various sports situations may be included as part of the process of creating a comprehensive sport vision training program. Many times, our South San Jose Sports Vision Specialists will come to a number of your games or matches to more accurately evaluate your sports vision performance.

We do our very best to tailor a comprehensive sports vision training program over the course of multiple visits, to help you develop sports vision skills in a similar manner to many professional athletes.

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If glasses or contact lenses are getting in your way during sports, you can also ask us about LASIK!

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