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#SkipTheTrip to the pharmacy each month! Avoid unnecessary infectious exposure! Never run out of birth control again!

If you are on the birth control pill/patch/ring, please try Pandia Health!

Pandia Health delivers a year’s supply of birth control, free delivery to your mailbox, automatic renewal. They take almost all private insurances except for Kaiser. If you have an active prescription (at a pharmacy or have your doctor send it in), the delivery service is FREE.

If you need a prescription, For AZ/CA/FL/TX/WY peeps, they can provide a doctor consult for $20.

Enter code EyeLuvLucy for $5 off your telemedicine visit.

If you have insurance, the medications are “Free” = no copay, no deductible.

If you do not have insurance, most pills are $15/pack.

It’s the ONLY #WomenFounded, #WomenLed, #DoctorLed birth control delivery company.

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