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Driving With Visual Impairment In San Jose

Regain Your Independence
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With custom Bioptic telescope glasses for driving

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Driving With Bioptic Telescopes

Will I be able to drive again?

This is one of the most frequent questions our eye doctor receives from his low vision patients. Driving is an integral part of our independence, going shopping, visiting grandkids, or just driving to socialize with your friends.

People with low vision all of a sudden become reliant on family and friends which puts them in a situation where they feel they are burdening others and are limited in their lifestyle options.

The good news is that the state of Dr. Lucy allows for driving with Bioptic telescopes if the driver meets the vision requirements with the Bioptics.

Since central vision loss effects the drivers ability to see small objects such as traffic lights or stop signs, which can limit their ability to drive safely. The concept of Bioptics is take small binocular telescopes which magnify the smaller objects by tilting your head to see.

The Process

The first step in determining if bioptics are right for you is to set up a 10 minute free phone consultation with our eye doctor. Our eye doctor will ask a series of questions to determine if this is the right solution for you.

This step is important as our eye doctor wants to help patients find the best solution that will work for their needs.

After the consultation, if you have been determined to be eligible for bioptic telescope glasses you will set up an appointment for a full low vision eye exam. During the eye exam our eye doctor will talk with you about your options, the process of training, and the path to getting back on the road.

During the low vision eye exam, Dr. Lucy will assess your current visual performance, your desired visual performance, and evaluate what kind of telescope lenses will provide a solution for your needs. Our patients feel that bioptic telescopes and the regained independence from driving again, have provided them with a fresh start.

Why should you choose Dr. Lucy for your Low Vision evaluation and care?

Low Vision Relief & Driving, serving San Jose & Willow Glen.

Our low vision team is at the cutting edge of technology and innovation offering OrCam, Esight, CentraSight, Bioptic Telescopes and much more. 

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Read What Our Patients Say...

This place is incredible.  Dr. Yen is extremely thorough in providing a very detailed eye exam plus prescription verification.  I also had a lot of fun finding and styling eyeglasses that I did not know about or heard before.  It was a thoroughly positive experience overall and I will be...
- Sindy S. Willow Glen, CA
She's the best, most technical, caring optometrist I've know in my 50 years of  wearing corrective lenses.   She sells the most dashing eyewear.   She really knows her stuff.   The equipment she uses is the most up-to-date in the field.   I really trust her....
- Alex M. San Jose, CA
Dr. Yen is very professional and patient. She did a thorough eye exam for me and my daughter. Both of us find the glasses that fit our needs and tastes. We had a very pleasant experience in Dr. Yen's glasses shop....
- Ying H. South San Jose, CA
I took my daughter in for a check up and the experience was wonderful. Dr. Yen was very helpful and was able to convince my teenager to not look at her IPad so much, and it WORKED! Eye Luv Lucy has so many interesting artisan frames that are not found...
- Mary M. San Jose, CA
The kids and I have been going to Dr. Lucy since she opened a couple few years ago. Initially it was the name that pulled me in, but now it's the service. Appointment times have been convenient, as well as the location, right in the neighborhood. Our exams are quite...
- Kate B. Willow Glen, CA
- Meghan L. Willow Glen, CA
The receptionist is really knowledgeable and helpful in choosing frames. The optometrist, Dr. Lucy Yen, did really well to explain what she was doing and give detailed instructions. I like this place!...
- Kelsey L. South San Jose, CA
Love the unique frames and selections that I can't find else where. The exam was very high tech and streamlined. I got my glasses in record time with blue light glare coating for computer screen protection. I feel much better than I used to be not straining my eyes again!...
- Ka E. Willow Glen, CA
The selection of glasses here are quite unique! We came during the past weekend's wine walk event and they had a eyeglasses show by Etna Barcelona. Before this, I have no idea what that brand is and would not even care, but during this trunk show, I learned the details...
- Julian B. South San Jose, CA
This place is incredible. Dr. Yen is extremely thorough in providing a very detailed eye exam plus prescription verification. I also had a lot of fun finding and styling eyeglasses that I did not know about or heard before. It was a thoroughly positive experience overall and I will be...
- Jody C. San Jose, CA