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Eye Luv Lucy Optometry Reviews

“My child was diagnosed for a early onset of nearsightedness and since both myself and my wife had been wearing eyeglasses and contacts due to nearsightedness I wasn’t too worried until Dr. Yen told me that nearsightedness isn’t just an inconvenience anymore but am epidemic and that nearsighted kids will have tougher times in school to see and learn without struggling but also their conditions can become a medical health issues as more nearsighted individuals get eye diseases like glaucoma and things that can blind a person for life! Luckily for us, Dr. Yen happened to be specialized in a nearsighted control method that helped kids and even adults who hates wearing glasses or contact lenses to achieve great visions. My family are able to see first hand what this great technology was able to treat and aid our vision demands. Thanks Dr. Yen and your team on behalf of my family!"

Jenny Brown

“ It has been a few years since I have had my eyes examined. Went to see Dr. Yen today for the 1st time. Absolutely fantastic exam and very informative throughout the whole process. I did not think my prescription had changed that much but, wow, what a difference. I will be bringing my daughters in next to make sure everyone is good to go! Dr. Yen is great and is truly understands the value of customer service! Thank You!”

Jeff Crittenden

“This office is so great. Everyone who greets you has a smile on their face and is always happy to help. Dr. Yen is my favorite person and such an amazing doctor! The glasses selection is really great, I can always find something in the styles I like, at a price I can afford. Thank you, Eye Luv Lucy Optometry for always rocking it and being awesome!!”

Rita Grinberg

“Very thorough exam. I found the doctor and her staff to be exceptionally professional, willing to listen, and very flexible. The dilating agent used before the exam didn't sting, nor did the dye for the glaucoma test. I was impressed by the frame selection for glasses, as well as choices of obtaining contact lenses. Overall, I was both impressed and happy with Dr. Yen's service and her employees.”

Conn Conagher

“ Went here for the first time on Monday and was beyond impressed with all of the staff they were all very nice and patient with all of their clients, I was called back to see the Doctor before I had even completed the new patient paperwork. They were very thorough with the appointment and very helpful when picking out frames. Dr. Yen is amazing and is very informative to his patients which I appreciate. Will definitely be coming here for all my vision needs in the future. :) ”


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