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Comprehensive Eye Exam

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Comprehensive Eye Exam

Comprehensive Eye Exam services offered in San Jose, CA

If you struggle to see clearly or have eye pain, Lucy Yen, OD, and her highly trained team at Eye Luv Lucy Optometry in San Jose, California, can help. They offer comprehensive eye exams for adults and children of all ages to correct vision issues and improve your quality of life. Call the office to schedule an eye exam or book one online today. 

Comprehensive Eye Exam Q&A

What are comprehensive eye exams?

Comprehensive eye exams address a variety of vision and eye health problems you or a loved one may encounter. Your eye doctor examines your eyes, completes vision testing, treats eye diseases, corrects vision problems, and reduces your risk of complications.


What happens during comprehensive eye exams?

When you arrive at Eye Luv Lucy Optometry, your eye specialist reviews your medical history and asks about vision problems or other symptoms you may have. For example, you might notice squinting, eye strain, or frequent headaches, which are all signs of vision issues.

Your optometrist also completes vision testing. They have you read letters and numbers on an eye chart from a distance and use refraction assessments to find the best vision prescription to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. During the assessment, you look through different lenses to let your doctor know which ones help you see clearly.

During a dilated eye exam, your specialist uses drops to dilate (widen) your pupils to get a better view of the inner parts of your eyes. They might watch your eyes while you focus on a moving object or shine a light into your eyes to look for signs of disease. Your optometrist may screen you for glaucoma by measuring fluid pressure inside of your eyes.


What are my treatment options?

If you’re in good health with no eye conditions or vision problems, you likely won’t need any treatment. Your eye doctor can correct your vision using contact lenses, eyeglasses, or refractive eye surgery. If you have an eye disease, your specialist might recommend medicated eye drops, other medications, corrective lenses, or surgery.

Your specialist can address eye strengthening caused by increased screen time. They offer blue light filters and computer lenses.


How often do I need comprehensive eye exams?

Schedule an eye exam any time you experience vision changes, eye pain, or other new or unusual symptoms. Kids often receive an eye exam before they start school. If you have no vision problems, schedule an eye exam beginning at age 40 to be screened for eye diseases. At age 60, your eye doctor may recommend a comprehensive eye exam every year or two.

If you or your child needs a comprehensive eye exam, call the Eye Luv Lucy Optometry office or book an appointment online today.