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The Importance Of Scheduling Eye Exams For The New School Year


Summer is at an end and the kids are back at school. If you missed getting your child to the eye doctor before the school year began, it’s not too late! Yearly eye exams are important for keeping track of your child’s vision and ensuring that he gets the eye care he needs to see clearly throughout the school year.

Regular eye exams can also help reduce the number of students who are misdiagnosed with learning disabilities each year. Poor vision can make it hard to keep up in class, resulting in many students getting labeled as slow learners or having some type of learning disability. Proper eye exams can spot vision problems before the year starts, allowing children to get eyeglasses if necessary and keep up with school lessons during the year.

If your child has never seen the eye doctor, now is the time to start. Give your child the best start to his school year by scheduling an eye exam with Dr. Lucy of Eye Luv Lucy today!

Back To School Eye Exams Are Even More Important Now

With students bringing phones, laptops and tablets to school, their eyes are being subjected even more to the screens that can potentially damage them. It’s crucial to understand how these vision problems can inhibit your child’s learning process.

Eye exams performed at school by a nurse are not quite as effective at diagnosing vision problems that aren’t prominent yet. This can lead to children being misdiagnosed for other issues such as ADHD, when it is often a vision problem. One in four children has an undetected vision problem, so visiting an optometrist as part of your back-to-school routine is crucial. Make an appointment with Dr. Lucy today and get your children the ability to work their best this school year.


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