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The selection of glasses here are quite unique! We came during the past weekend's wine walk event and they had a eyeglasses show by Etna Barcelona. Before this, I have no idea what that brand is and would not even care, but during this trunk show, I learned the details of how quality eyewear are made and why the brand names we are so familiar with (Ray Ban, Oakley, Gucci, etc) are practically owned by the same company that just put their names on them to give us the illusion of selections. At Eye Luv Lucy, I was thoroughly educated that good eyewear are deeper than just brands but the selections here are all done by eyewear craftsmen or women who are the true experts of making eyewear more ergonomic to the users. They are all about comfort, aesthetic and vision. I ordered my first pair of mineral lens (means great quality vision with tempered mineral based lens) sunglasses and am enjoying it since.

- Julian B. South San Jose, CA

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