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San Jose Eyeglasses - Eye Luv Lucy Optometry Boutique

Make Eye Luv Lucy your optometric boutique!

Think about it: people depend on vision every waking moment of every day. If you could dial up the performance of any of your five senses, there is no Eye Glasses San Jose doubt you should make it your eyes. Everyone deserves to enjoy clear, sharp vision. At Eye Luv Lucy, we believe in enhancing eyesight using the most advanced medical expertise.

Too often in our society, clear vision comes at a heavy price: ugly, fashion-less glasses. You become a nerd, a book-worm, a geek. Not at Eye Luv Lucy! We believe that enhancing your vision also gives you the change to bring a flare of fashion to your face.

Watch the World of Eye-Fashion Open Up

Step into our luxurious San Jose optometry boutique , and you will bear witness to our huge variety of high-quality frames from stylish designer brands. Sure, other places have frames to choose from, but do they have Prada, Francis Klein, or Barton Perreira in their displays? We think not. We aim to offer you the most noteworthy and remarkable designer eyewear collections, never compromising on style or durability.

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Some of our services include:

  • Eye Exams - Figure out how your eyes stack up against the norm.
  • Contact Lenses - Improve your vision and make your fashion statement invisible.
  • Orthokeratology - Subtly reshape your eyes during your beauty sleep.
  • Lasik Consultation - Determine with our medical experts whether surgically correcting your vision is the best choice for you.
  • Low Vision - Even extremely poor vision is treatable, and our medical professionals are ready to assist while making you look good in the process.
  • Blue Light Blocking Lens Treatment- Eliminate headaches and blurry vision caused by cellphone, computer, and television screens.

Most insurances accepted. Including VSP, Eyemed, Davis, Superior Vision, Anthem Bluecross, Blueview Vision, Easy Choice, Medicare , Blueshield of California, United Health Care , Aetna, Cigna.

We look forward to seeing you. Until then, live lively!