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The right optometrist can make life a brighter place to live! At Eye Luv Lucy, we are in the business of brightening your world by improving your vision. If you live in or around San Jose we invite you to visit our clinic and give us a try.

Who We Are

Eye Luv Lucy is run by Dr. Lucy Yen, a skilled San Jose eye doctor specializing in vision rehabilitation and low vision treatment. We understand the challenges that people face in sustaining good eye health and vision. Our facility combines the latest in eye care technology with personalized eye care services to make quality vision a reality for our patients.

What We Do

If you are looking for a truly unique family eye care clinic, Eye Luv Lucy is the place for you. Here you will benefit from a wide range of eye care services ranging from comprehensive eye exams to quality eyewear and contact lenses, low vision treatment, myopia control, and management of eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, keratoconus, and more. 

Eye Exams – Our eye exams involve testing for eye health, visual clarity, eye movement, and eye teaming. Eye health tests can uncover signs of eye conditions and diseases that can cause permanent vision loss. If you have an eye disease, we will help you manage your symptoms to preserve your sight. Visual clarity tests can uncover discrepancies in your vision, most of which can be corrected through the use of prescription eyeglasses or contacts. 

Eye Wear — We carry an extensive lineup of fashionable eyeglasses and high-tech contact lenses for children, teens, and adults to make it easy to find the perfect fit for you. This includes specialty contacts for people who suffer from dry eye, keratoconus, and other eye conditions.

Myopia Control – If your child suffers from myopia, our eye doctor may recommend myopia control treatment to help slow the progression of the condition. Myopia control may entail the use of eye drops, specialty eyeglasses, or ortho-k treatment.

Low Vision Treatment – Low vision refers to vision loss that cannot be improved by the use of eyeglasses, contacts, surgery, or other treatments. Dr. Yen specializes in low vision treatment and can recommend visual aids to maximize the vision you have left.

Contact Our Optometrist in San Jose for Family Eye Care Services

If you live in or around San Jose, Eye Luv Lucy is your one-stop location for family eye care. Call us today at 408-294-9900 to schedule an appointment or for more information about our services.

Meet the Doctor

  • LucyYen
    Dr. Lucy Yen OD

    Dr. Lucy has two very powerful philosophies she holds close to her when running her Optometrist business, and they are simple. If a person “looks good then they will feel good” and if you “have healthy eyes you will live lively and be happy” .

    All the equipment in the world will not make you happy, but a good eye doctor can surely help!


  • I am a student and into soccer. In fact I play for school team and very competitive. I got my eye exam first time for the summer and realized that I have to wear glasses, not just for school but also for protection. After a thorough eye exam by Dr. Yen, I purchased some really cool protective glasses that even turned dark when I go in the sun as sunglasses. I never thought glasses could do so much. Not only I could see better but function better. Best of all, I got some quality education on how to take care of my eyes as no one has told me before.

    - Jonathan C. South San Jose, CA Show More
  • Recently I lost my glasses which I misplaced somewhere so I was in panic mode to get a replacement soon. I use contact lenses but with my eyes so irritated with them all the time, I didn’t want to keep using them and desperately want my glasses back. I was in this shop few years ago but didn’t get anything so I decided to try it. From start to finish, I was very happy with my experience. I got the most thorough Eye Check up with Dr. Yen plus I got some gorgeous eyeglasses and super comfortable contact lenses that I did not know was possible. If you want a complete and professional service for very good price, this is the place to be!

    - Chi L. Show More
  • This place is incredible.  Dr. Yen is extremely thorough in providing a very detailed eye exam plus prescription verification.  I also had a lot of fun finding and styling eyeglasses that I did not know about or heard before.  It was a thoroughly positive experience overall and I will be a customer for life.  Thank you for excellent job!

    - Sindy S. Willow Glen, CA Show More
  • She's the best, most technical, caring optometrist I've know in my 50 years of  wearing corrective lenses.   She sells the most dashing eyewear.   She really knows her stuff.   The equipment she uses is the most up-to-date in the field.   I really trust her.

    - Alex M. San Jose, CA
  • Dr. Yen is very professional and patient. She did a thorough eye exam for me and my daughter. Both of us find the glasses that fit our needs and tastes. We had a very pleasant experience in Dr. Yen's glasses shop.

    - Ying H. South San Jose, CA
  • I took my daughter in for a check up and the experience was wonderful. Dr. Yen was very helpful and was able to convince my teenager to not look at her IPad so much, and it WORKED! Eye Luv Lucy has so many interesting artisan frames that are not found in just any stores. They are so unique and fun to try on. Love Dr. Yen and her store!

    - Mary M. San Jose, CA Show More
  • The kids and I have been going to Dr. Lucy since she opened a couple few years ago. Initially it was the name that pulled me in, but now it's the service. Appointment times have been convenient, as well as the location, right in the neighborhood. Our exams are quite thorough and her rapport with the kids can't be beat.

    - Kate B. Willow Glen, CA Show More
  • - Meghan L. Willow Glen, CA
  • The receptionist is really knowledgeable and helpful in choosing frames. The optometrist, Dr. Lucy Yen, did really well to explain what she was doing and give detailed instructions. I like this place!

    - Kelsey L. South San Jose, CA
  • Love the unique frames and selections that I can't find else where. The exam was very high tech and streamlined. I got my glasses in record time with blue light glare coating for computer screen protection. I feel much better than I used to be not straining my eyes again!

    - Ka E. Willow Glen, CA
  • The selection of glasses here are quite unique!  We came during the past weekend's wine walk event and they had a eyeglasses show by Etna Barcelona.  Before this, I have no idea what that brand is and would not even care, but during this trunk show, I learned the details of how quality eyewear are made and why the brand names we are so familiar with (Ray Ban, Oakley, Gucci, etc) are practically owned by the same company that just put their names on them to give us the illusion of selections.  At Eye Luv Lucy, I was thoroughly educated that good eyewear are deeper than just brands but the selections here are all done by eyewear craftsmen or women who are the true experts of making eyewear more ergonomic to the users.  They are all about comfort, aesthetic and vision.  I ordered my first pair of mineral lens (means great quality vision with tempered mineral based lens) sunglasses and am enjoying it since.

    - Julian B. South San Jose, CA Show More
  • This place is incredible.  Dr. Yen is extremely thorough in providing a very detailed eye exam plus prescription verification.  I also had a lot of fun finding and styling eyeglasses that I did not know about or heard before.  It was a thoroughly positive experience overall and I will be a customer for life.  Thank you for excellent job!

    - Jody C. San Jose, CA Show More
  • I took my son to Dr Yen for eye check up.  He had eye allergy so Dr Yen recommend to get over the counter eye drop for his allergy relief.  My son felt better after applying few eye drops.  

    Thanks for the advice.

    Highly recommend !

    - Gino S. Willow Glen, CA

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